Structured Wiring

Modern technologies have enabled structured wiring that provides the ultimate in home comfort, entertainment and convenience for easy living!

Today's families are spending more time at home than ever before. The new trend of "hiving" has homeowners hosting backyard barbeques, inviting friends and family over to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries - activities that demand greater home comfort and convenience.

With many systems accommodating bandwidth requirements, you can make any room a home entertainment space by connecting multiple TVs, satellite receivers, DVDs, VCRs and programming sources such as Digital TV or HDTV. Link computers or game consoles for multi-room video game tournaments. With whole-house Internet access, surf the Net from your study, home office, bedrooms and family room. Home networking allows you to exchange files among computers throughout your home, and to share peripherals such as printers and scanners. Install multiple telephone and fax lines in any room or outdoor location. Multi-room stereo distribution brings music to any spot in the house.

Home automation enables you to program your lights, heating system, etc. to turn on and off according to a schedule you define. You can also provide blanket security to every part of the house, indoors and out. This is compatible with video cameras and patented video verification (to prevent false dispatch and keep an eye on kids), optional two-way audio within the home and with your monitoring station.

Video verification can send event reports to computers or PDAs anywhere in the world to protect against accidental telephone line cuts caused by storms, constructions or tampering. If you're traveling, customized home automation modules enable you to transform any touchtone phone into a security keypad to monitor and control your security system from afar.

Everything you need for easy living is available today. Enjoy!