Kitchen Trends

In the technologically advanced world we live in, the kitchen continues to be the focal point of the home and the favourite gathering place for family and friends.

With today's remarkable assortment of cabinetry, fixtures and finishes for kitchens, this all-important room can be as elegant as it is functional. By introducing a mix of detailing, accessories, state-of-the-art appliances, surface hardware and multi-step exterior door finishes such as glazing and distressing, cabinetry layouts offer visual appeal and more usability than ever before.

Once the preferred species in fine cabinetry circles, oak has lost its status to maple, which maintains a less aggressive grain structure and allows for a smoother, uniform finish. Cherry wood is still regarded as a premium species and is targeted for the high-end residential market. Lacquered cabinetry utilizing Mdf board (medium-density fiberboard) allows for the application of heavily pigmented finishing materials, which when fully cured provide durable, stain-resistant surfaces.

Cabinet wood colours have shifted from medium finishes to darker earth-tone applications. Lacquered Mdf styles incorporating traditional "French Country" elegance are prominent within the white, ivory, and cream tones. Many kitchen designs feature a marriage between dark wood finishes and the subtle cream shades of the lacquered styles, especially when an island is stained or lacquered in a different colour.

As for countertops, laminate still remains the most popular due to its affordability. When it comes to premium solid surface requirements, however, granite counters are the most prevalent. Ask about the kaleidoscope of other solid-surface products to choose from.

Surface hardware reflects personal taste, fashion trends and visual elegance. Brushed chrome or stainless steel remain the most sought-after hardware finishes in both traditional and contemporary styles, but luxury finishes such as aged coppers and bronze have also sparked a lot of interest. The kitchen remains the heart of the home; choose your finishes with care.