Induction, The New Way To Cook!

Offering a revolutionary way to cook, the induction hob cooktop is the latest in a long line of kitchen appliance inventions.

For thousands of years, people have developed ever more sophisticated tools for cooking food. Now you have the choice of induction cooking, the new trend catching on with kitchen connoisseurs. Top chefs in Europe and North America have already equipped their restaurants with induction cooktops, and domestic cooks are investigating the addition of induction in their kitchens.

The benefits include unprecedented performance. Quick heating and precise control offer substantial energy savings and impeccable results. With no flame or heat source, only the food and pan get hot. It's the safest way to cook!

Induction works through an electronic circuit that supplies power and electronically controls an inductor coil inside the cooktop. This coil generates a magnetic field only when cookware is placed in contact with the surface, causing induced currents to flow through the base of the cookware - transforming the cookware itself into a heat source (called the Joule effect). The cooktop surface surrounding the cookware remains cool. Food will never stick or burn, so cleaning involves a quick wipe with a damp sponge.

With an efficiency of 90 per cent(compared to 50 per cent for gas or 55 to 60 per cent for other electric technologies), induction heats incredibly fast. Power and efficiency, combined with the fact that energy consumption is proportional to the size of the cookware, result in substantial energy savings - 17 to 30 per cent less than standard cooking technologies.

Since the early 1990s, manufacturers have supplied millions of induction cooktops throughout Europe and Asia. Predictions are that during the next century, induction will become the prominent technology for both commercial and domestic kitchens.