The Home Fireplace

An inviting hearth, a romantic glow, a luxury to the mind, body and spirit-a fireplace is the true centre of a home.

For centuries, the fireplace has been much more than an architectural element in a home; it symbolizes comfort, warmth and contentment. The word "hearth" contains the word "heart" - and there is something emotionally soothing about gazing into a roaring fire in the midst of one's immediate surroundings. More and more homeowners are adding "fireplace" to their must-have list when considering a home.

Over the years, fireplace design has evolved, with numerous materials incorporated to capture the ambience of the rest of the home. Cast-stone is an example. A precise combination of high-quality aggregates strengthened with hardening admixtures, cast-stone is extremely strong and highly functional. This workability allows for the production of intricate detail that can't be achieved using traditional stone carving methods.

Today's cast-stone can be used in electrical, natural gas or traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Many mantles are adjustable to accommodate specific width and height requirements. Cast-stone can also be custom worked to the exact space the fireplace must fit. All of this can be done while preserving the development's architectural integrity.

The hearth, the base of the mantle, also works to integrate the fireplace as a natural extension of any room, creating a perfect finishing touch at floor level. Some fireplace designs fit the mantle exactly to the firebox; others make a more dramatic statement with a larger mantle and fill the space between it and the firebox with decorative tile or an attractive filler panel.

Stone-cast over-mantles can produce a floor-to-ceiling arrangement, filling any room with eye-catching charm and personality. Mix and match combinations of mantle, hearth and over-mantle, and you can turn your creative visions into stunning reality!