Architecture - The Art And "Science" Of Design

When it comes to carving a unique niche in the new home marketplace, great design goes a long way in helping a builder stand out from the competition. A new home community starts with a design that reflects the overall vision for the homes and their surroundings. Architects and designers design homes within the context of the local community, which may include open space systems, a golf course or the existing residential fabric and character. There's a real balancing act in making a collection of homes stand out without sticking out.

Vaughan Valley Estates

With stunning streetscapes and traditional lot depths, this community will set a new benchmark for superior craftsmanship, imaginative finishes and quality construction. Ultimately, these important elements will speak volumes about those who choose to live here and enhance the overall cachet of Vaughan Valley Estates.

Kitchen Trends

In our technologically advanced world, the kitchen continues to be the focal point of the home and the favourite gathering place for family and friends.

Top 10 Upgrades

The perfect finishing touches for your home can be found at the Arista Décor Store. Regardless of your budget our Décor Consultants will assist you through a professional consultation where you will have the opportunity to select the various options that suit your tastes, needs and lifestyle. Although different styles may come and go over the years, our experience has allowed us to determine the 10 most popular trends where your investment will best be showcased throughout your home.